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Sorcerer Image Analysis

Sorcerer Image Analysis with macro stand

Automatic image analysis for life and material sciences

  • Automatic and interactive measurements
  • Particle sizing and counting
  • Rapid, accurate and easy to use
  • Powerful measurement macro builder
  • Data transfer to Excel or Oracle
  • Wide range of proven applications
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Unrivalled versatility, speed and accuracy

Sorcerer is a powerful automatic image analysis system with a wide range of applications in both the life and material sciences. Sorcerer has been developed to provide a versatile and fast analytical tool for research and quality control. A digital CCD video camera is used to view the sample either with a microscope, Petri-viewer, or macro stand & lens. Various optical and illumination techniques are available to ensure an optimal picture is presented for analysis. The system detects and measures objects by virtue of contrast differences using a highly sensitive digital camera. Sorcerer utilises a specialised object detection algorithm for situations where shading is encountered, either induced by the sample or the illumination used.

Wide range of applications

Sorcerer can be used for many more applications including:

  • Inhibition zone measurements
  • Multipoint plate scanning
  • Plaque counts
  • Colony counting and sizing
  • Antibiotic susceptibility and MIC assays
  • Unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS)
  • Particle size and shape analysis
  • ELISPOT assay
  • Pulp and paper quality
  • Chemotaxis
  • Direct Epi-fluorescent filter technique

Wide range of customisations & measurement parameters

Circular, rectangular and user-drawn measurement frames are available to suit the sample type and to select particular regions for analysis. These are positioned and their dimensions adjusted using the mouse. An easy to use macro builder allows you to create a sequence of operations for a particular type of analysis, for example to prompt the user to enter sample details, perform image processing functions, measure and transfer the data.

Sorcerer has software for both field and feature specific measurements. Field measurements include count, area, perimeter, grey level and PPM. Feature measurements which relate to individual objects include, area, diameter, longest dimension and position

Sorcerer has comprehensive software for analysis of individual objects thereby allowing objects to be classified according to their size. Size classification tables are easily defined and can include up to 50 classes in any progression and on any measurement parameter such as diameter or area. Size classification tables are defined by the supervisor and can include up to 50 classes in any progression and on any feature measurement parameter. Feature measurements can be used as include/exclude filters singly, or in logical and/or combinations.

Instant, live data transfer to multiple formats

Sorcerer data is transferred directly to Microsoft Excel and can be processed as required with macros set up either by Perceptive Instruments or by the user. It is also possible to instruct Sorcerer to perform a measurement from within Excel or other applications. Data can also be transferred directly to an Oracle database. For easy import into third party applications, Sorcerer can also export data in CSV comma separated file format. Images captured by the camera can also be saved to disk for future retrieval and transfer to document processing software.

Meeting regulatory requirements

Sorcerer is designed to conform to international GLPs and other regulatory requirements. Encoded audit trail files automatically record all system activity and all data. It is fully compliant with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Final Rule on Electronic Records and Electronic Signature. Comprehensive support is available for specific data processing requirements such as integration with bar code readers, LIMS and other third party software.


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