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Genetic Toxicology

Perceptive Instruments are industry-leading experts in image analysis and data processing solutions for genetic toxicology assays. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we specialise in creating systems for use within regulatory compliant environments.

Our primary aim is to make the process of acquiring, managing and reporting genetox assay data as simple and secure as possible. All our products are designed with reference to regulatory guidelines such as 21 CFR part 11 and in line with the principles of GLP.

DNA Damage

The comet assay is a popular tool for determining DNA damage both in vitro and in vivo. Comet Assay IV, the world’s fastest, most consistent semi-automatic comet assay scoring system, allows for rapid, accurate comet scoring.

For Unscheduled DNA Synthesis assays, Sorcerer UDS automatically quantifies DNA damage and manages experimental information including slide coding.


There are several assays used to determine the mutagenicity of a compound.

Sorcerer Colony Counter is able to automatically and effortlessly count your Ames plates. The colony counter is used together with Ames Study Manager to provide efficient and accurate plate counting, data management and reporting. The Ames Study Manager has been designed to fulfil the requirements of safety assessment laboratories in pharmaceutical, medical devise and chemical companies as well as contract research organisations.

For the soft agar mouse lymphoma assay, Sorcerer Colony Counter counts colonies and classifies them according to size. Our advanced MLA-specific Excel workbook integrates seamlessly with Sorcerer Colony Counter and can hold study specific information, such as culturing routine data. The workbook has been designed to calculate MLA specific values such as mutant frequency and mutant index.

Data management: Micronucleus testing, chromosome aberrations, comet assay…

Cyto Study Manager has been designed to incorporate data acquisition and reporting for genetic toxicology assays into one package. The software transfers data straight from programs such as Comet Assay IV into the Cyto Study Manager database. All your reports can be generated from within the system and automatically combined into you final study report.  Because all this is achieved within one system, there is no risk of transcription errors, no import/export, no file transfers and no copy and paste.

Regulatory compliance

All our systems have the features you need to comply with GLP guidelines and the FDA 21 CFR part 11 rule on electronic records and electronic signatures. System Access Manager ensures complete compliance to regulatory guidelines. The data management systems include functions for reporting historical control data and archiving studies.


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