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The comet assay

Comet Assay IV is the ideal solution for scoring your comets and reporting you comet data.  Whether you work in a small, academic, research group or a large highly regulated, validated contract laboratory, Comet Assay IV will help you get accurate results sooner.

About the Assay

screenshotsmallThe comet assay, (also known as Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis – SCGE) is a method to determine the amount of DNA damage in a single cell. This assay is used for a wide range of applications, including DNA damage and repair studies, genetic toxicology testing, biomonitoring and nutritional research.

The comet assay is a versatile technique for detecting DNA damage within a single cell. This damage is usually single- or double-strand breaks. Single cells (both eukaryotic and prokaryotic) are suspended in agarose and the damaged DNA migrates from the cell nucleus when an electric field is applied.

For a comprehensive guide to the comet assay, including useful publications and a troubleshooting guide, we recommend you take a look at www.scorecomets.com.


Comet Assay IV systems are used all over the world for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Genetic toxicology – for screening and regulatory testing of industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biocides & cosmetics.
  • Human biomonitoring-  occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals, pollutants & radiation
  • Ecogenotoxicology – monitoring contamination of the environment by genotoxic agents
  • Mechanistic studies – DNA damage & repair
  • Nutrition – harmful and beneficial effects of diet and dietary components
  • Clinical – diagnosis of disease and monitoring effects of treatment.
  • Molecular epidemiology – assessing inter-individual differences in susceptibility to DNA damage and capacity to repair


Comet Assay IV can score many different types of cell; regardless of species, cell size and level of DNA damage. Comet Assay IV uses the parameters defined by Olive et al on the principle of DNA damage and comets are scored appropriately.


Comet Assay IV enables you to score comets from a live video. This helps make Comet Assay IV the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to score comets.

Data processing

Comet Assay IV combines accurate, repeatable results with powerful data processing and comprehensive presentation. Once you have obtained your results, you can easily process them using the Spreadsheet Generator, which is included free with every Comet Assay IV system.

GLP compliance

Comet Assay IV connects seamlessly to Cyto Study Manager for those running comet studies to GLP standards. Cyto Study Manager integrates integrates data acquisition, auditing, reporting and study management into a single system.

Comet Assay IV features:

  • Click&Score automatic scoring
  • Accurate, repeatable results
  • Tail % DNA, tail moment, tail length and more
  • Integrated hedgehog counter
  • Graph and chart your comet data
  • GLP compliance, auditing and user control
  • Live video scoring

Comet Assay IV

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