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Ames Testing

Ames Study Manager and Sorcerer Colony Counter are the ideal solution for conducting the Ames (Bacterial Reverse Mutation) test quickly and securely. The majority of the world’s top Contract Research Laboratories use this tried and tested combination for regulatory compliant Ames testing.

ames_screens_smallInstant plate counts

Sorcerer Colony Counter can be used standalone or in conjunction with Ames Study Manager. The Sorcerer system provides instant, accurate counts of any Ames strain on any size petri-dish.

Regulatory study management

Ames Study Manager is a software suite for conducting and reporting regulatory Ames studies in accordance with OECD 471 and the principles of GLP. Linking directly with Sorcerer for plate counting, Ames Study Manager is used to save study designs, capture count information and produce final study reports. With a global install base and advanced features such as managing historical control data and archiving studies, it is firmly established as the de facto data collection and reporting system for the Ames test.


As well as automatically generating data tables and study reports on the fly, custom reports can be created for plate preparation, auditing or anything else you need. We can even tailor these reports to match your own corporate style.


Ames Study Manager is able to handle any experimental design and imposes no constraints for numbers of experiments, strains, test substances, or positive & negative controls etc. Each study created with the Ames Study Manager can have any number of individual experiments, each unique in design. Designs can be saved as templates for future studies.

Regulatory compliance

Both the Ames Study Manager and Sorcerer Colony Counter have been designed in line with the specifications of the regulatory guidelines, including 21 CFR, ICH S2(R1) and OECD 471.

About the Assay

The Ames test, named after its developer Dr Bruce Ames, is the most widely used regulatory test for genotoxicity.  Testing for genotoxicity is mandatory for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food additives, agrochemicals and industrial chemicals (see OECD Guideline 471).

The Ames test uses several strains of the bacterium Salmonella typhimurium.  These strains carry mutations in the histidine synthesis gene and require histidine for normal growth; they aree known as auxotrophic mutants.  When a mutation in the histidine genes occur, the bacteria can revert back to the non-auxotrophic state; this allows the cells to grow on a histidine-free medium.  Counting these colonies generates Ames test data.

Perceptive Instruments have supplied colony sizing and data processing systems for the Ames test for over a decade.

Contact us now to discuss how Sorcerer Colony Counter and the Ames Study Manager can work for your Ames investigations.

Sorcerer and Ames Study Manager features for the Ames test:

  • Instant, automatic plate counting
  • Accommodate any experimental design
  • Share concurrent positive and negative controls
  • Observations, such as contamination or precipitation
  • Report generation: final and interim
  • GLP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance options
  • Comprehensively tested and validated in accordance with our Quality Management System which is approved to ISO 9001:2008 incorporating ISO 90003

Sorcerer Colony Counter

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Ames Study Manager

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