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Cyto Study Manager vs. Data Extractor

The Cyto Study Manager is the complete solution for GLP compliance and GeneTox study management.

However, for those with a smaller budget we offer the Data Extractor, a compliant way of viewing your data from Comet Assay IV.

Description Cyto Study manager Data Extractor Filter sort and search data * * Approve and reject data using electronic signatures * * Securely archive data in accordance with OECD guidelines * * Export result and audit trail data from Oracle into Excel for further processing. * * Eliminate experimental bias: code and decode slides to allow slides to be scored \'blind\' * Design bespoke study layouts and save them as templates to use in future investigations. * Design unlimited experiment layouts bespoke to your investigation.  \' * Assign single or multiple individuals as slide scorers to one or all replicate sides * Eliminate  transcription and translation errors * Apply observations to study features e.g. slides & gels etc * Automatically generate reports designed specifically to your requirements * Classify and report historical control data sets *