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Evaluating the genotoxicity of the food additive gum ghatti

The flexibility and usability of Ames Study Manager have made it a crucial piece of laboratory equipment for both scientific research and routine contract work. Here, we explore the use of Ames Study Manager in an investigation of the genotoxicity of the food additive, gum ghatti, performed by researchers at ILS Inc. and their collaborators.

The Ames Study Manager in real-world applications

Gum ghatti is a food additive serving as an emulsifier, a stabilizer, and a thickening agent. Gum ghatti is the amorphous translucent exudate of the Anogeissus Latifolia tree of the Combretaceae family. The tree occurs throughout the greater part of India; more commonly in the dry deciduous forests.

To evaluate gum ghatti’s genotoxic potential, the researchers conducted Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant in vitro and in vivo studies in accordance with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines.

The Ames test, also known as the bacterial reverse mutation assay, was performed according to the OECD 471 guideline using five different bacterial strains. No evidence of toxicity or mutagenicity was detected in this test among the five tester bacterial strains. The concentration of gum ghatti was up to 6 mg/plate, and both with or without metabolic activation were tested.

Multi-dimensional genotoxicity testing

In addition to the Ames test, the chromosome aberration assay and a combined micronucleus-comet assay was conducted. A variety of different concentrations of gum ghatti were tested, however the results showed no evidence of genotoxic potential of gum ghatti administered up to the maximum concentrations recommended by OECD guidelines.

Ames Study Manager was used in this multi-dimensional gentoxicity investigation for automatic plate counting and report generation of the Ames assay. The Ames Study Manager is a key product in regulatory toxicity testing, and is used in investigations of larger toxicological studies, such as REACH testing, and within smaller, bespoke customer-related projects. The flexibility and adaptability of the Ames Study Manager allows the user to configure multiple different study templates which can be saved and used as many times as needed.

Ames Study Manager

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This case study is based upon:

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