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Particle Size Analysis (PSA)

The classification of objects by size and shape is a classic application of image analysis. Examples include spray droplets in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, paint & printing inks, plastics, metals, composites, ceramics and emulsions.

Image analysis for particle sizing

psa_microOur current video-based solution for particle size analysis is Sorcerer Image Analysis. The system can also be used for other applications such as analysis of voids in material sciences, analysis of swarf in lubricants and for radon dosimetry.

Sorcerer Image Analysis System – counting and sizing for PSA

Using Sorcerer Image Analysis, particles can be rapidly classified based on a wide range of feature specific measurements including area, diameter, width, height, axial ratio, longest dimension and intensity. The Sorcerer image analysis system linked to a microscope or macro stand provides the ideal solution for particle size analysis.

Size classification tables are easily defined and can include up to 50 classes in any progression. Feature measurements can also be used as include/exclude filters singly, or in logical and/or combinations. A binary image editing facility is also available to modify the image prior to measurement for example to remove artifacts.

Sorcerer links directly to Microsoft Excel via OLE and data can be processed as required with macros set up either by Perceptive Instruments or by the user.

Sorcerer features for particle size analysis

  • Automatic high speed analysis
  • Interactive image editing
  • Multiple sizing and filtering parameters
  • Rapid, accurate, easy to use
  • Powerful macro builder
  • Visible and microscopic particle analysis
  • Data transfer to Excel or Oracle
  • Electronic signature and GLP compliance
  • Wide range of proven applications

Sorcerer Image Analysis

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