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October 23, 2012

New MLA data processing spreadsheet

Working with Mouse Lymphoma Assay (MLA) experts at various contract research organisations, we have developed a new Excel spreadsheet specifically for soft agar MLA investigations.

Speed and accuracy

The spreadsheet seamlessly integrates with our Sorcerer colony counter and allows accurate colony counting with instant size distribution information.

Automatic mutant frequency calculation

The spreadsheet can be used to record daily culture maintenance data and by counting both mutant plates and viability plates, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the mutant frequency, mutant index and relative plating efficiency.

Bespoke configuration

Before you begin counting colonies, the spreadsheet can be configured for your experimental set-up. The number of positive/negative controls and test cultures are easily chosen and the spreadsheet is instantly created with the correct number of rows and columns.

Part of the package…

This new soft agar MLA data processing spreadsheet is included with every Sorcerer purchase.

Existing customers with maintenance contracts or a valid warranty on their Sorcerer system should contact us for a free copy.