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May 14, 2012

The ComNet Project

The international multi-disciplinary journal, Mutagenesis, has published a commentary detailing the launch of The ComNet (comet network) Project.   The publication follows discussions on the comet assay in human population studies during the International Comet Assay Workshop meeting in Kusadasi, Turkey (September 13–16, 2011).

The ultimate aim of the network, ComNet, is to establish the comet assay as a reliable trusted biomarker assay.  This project has the potential to bring together comet assay data from across the globe and improve the quality of comet assay data within research investigations.

The main priorities of the ComNet project are:

  • to establish the comet assay as a reliable biomonitoring tool for human studies and
  • to define the relevance of DNA damage (as measured with the comet assay) for human health and disease.

You can read the full report here.

And find more at www.comnetproject.org.